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Rubbish Clearance in Brent Cross NW2

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    Searching for reliable Rubbish Clearance in Brent Cross NW2?

    You need to book an expert Rubbish Clearance service for your residence in or around 78B Pine Road, London, NW2 6SA , United Kingdom?

    Choose our Rubbish Clearance company in Brent Cross NW2 for all your needs; we offer quality Rubbish Clearance services at budget-friendly prices.

    Why Choose Our Rubbish Clearance Services

      Available weekends and bank holidays
    • Environment agency waste licence
    • Fully insured crew
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    The Price of Our Rubbish Clearance

    In case the quantity/sort/size/weight of waste exceeds or differs from the amount initially confirmed with our Brent Cross NW2 customer service staff over the phone or email, we may charge you additionally after our Rubbish Clearance team arrives at your address in Brent Cross NW2 to carry out the service you hired.

    The final price will be calculated in accordance with the following pricelist when our team arrives on site:

    Household in Brent Cross NW2- General waste and Green waste

    Labour Cubic yards Max weigh Equivalent to Prices
    Minimum Load 10 MIN 1.5 150 kg 8 bin bags   £75
    ¼ Load 20 MIN 3.5 350 kg 20 bin bags   £100
    ⅓ Load 30 MIN 5.25 525 kg 30 bin bags   £135
    ½ Load 40 MIN 7 700 kg 40 bin bags   £170
    ¾ Load 50 MIN 10.5 1050 kg 50 bin bags   £230
    Full Load 60 MIN 14 1400 kg 60 bin bags   £290

    *Please note that the prices are based on the VOLUME and the WEIGHT of the waste for collection.

    1. Disposing of loads of heavy materials like rocks, soil, hardwood, bricks, or concrete will be charged by their weight and not the volume. All of our trucks are fully equipped with electronic digital scales to measure and display the accurate weight of the entire load.
    2. We have a weight rate to measure the volume of your load: 1 cubic yard per 100 kg, so, for instance, if your load is weighed in as 1000 kg, we will charge you for 10 cubic yards. This is applied even for small loads less than 10 cubic yards.
    3. It is easy to estimate how much we will charge you by taking into account that a bag of rubble, concrete or soil holds between 30-50 kg, so if we load 25 bags, you will be charged for about 1000 kg.
    4. Late appointment surcharges:
    • After 6pm - £20.00 surcharge
    • After 8pm - £40.00 surcharge
    • After 10pm - £50.00 surcharge
    Item Description Price
    Per Fluorescent Tube Due to how it is disposed of £1
    Paint per litre Due to how it is disposed of £3
    Extra 10min Labour If we exceed the loading time we charge £10
    Weekend charge Due to additional labour costs £10
    TV or Monitor Due to how it is disposed of £15
    Extra Heavy Waste Due to how it is disposed of £20
    Fridge Due to how it is disposed of £30
    Commercial Fridge Due to how it is disposed of £100

    If your load is more than 12 cubic yards/1000 kg and require more than a full load of our van, we will be able to arrange the service for you with a second visit at the rates stated in the price list.

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